“Jessica in The Rainbow has released a mini solo EP titled Everything’s, True pt. 1. It is a vocal/piano only leak to preview an upcoming release she has planned for 2017 featuring orchestrations by Elisabeth Blair and cello by Hunter Zhao. This sweet two song EP leaves us haunted by Jessica Fogle’s siren-like voice. Listening to these two tracks feels like walking down a sparkling, snowy path lit by the moonlight while gripping your lover’s hand tight for warmth. The melodious piano accompanies Fogle’s voice flawlessly and it sparks an emotional response as authentic as the artist herself. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to float atop a cloud within the make-believe heavens, Fogle has graced the world with the musical equivalent. Do your heart a favor and get yourself a copy here.”  – Mackenzie Tucker, Melolagnia

“Mellow and ethereal, Jessica in the Rainbow’s songwriting and composition experienced on its first album, “Catalysts,” are true to the band’s title. The songs seem to float effortlessly among the clouds and through space with the lush, delicate vocals and colorful songwriting of Jessica Fogle tying it all together. A classically trained pianist with a degree in Musical Theater Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, the Grand Haven artist boasts a long list of musical accomplishments that include writing the score for the movie musical, “Were the World Mine,” (a project that gained notoriety in its own right, having won 15 awards, including “Best Music” in the 2008 Nashville Film Fest) and an invite to be an artist in residence at Island (now Crosshatch) Hill House in northern Michigan” – Ricky Olmos, Local Spins