People Tangled in the World (from Catalysts)

All the world in tiny people
People tangled in the world
In a constant state of memory
What we know is what we’ve heard
In my father
In my mother
In my memory of what’s to come
In my sorrow
In my future
You are always never done

All the world in tiny people
People tangled in the world
In a cloudless flow of meaning
What we want is too absurd

And you take a breath
You move in close
I feel your heat near my shoulder
You take a breath
You move away
Cause new things feel scary

All the world in tiny people
People tangled in the world.

Reborn (from Make-Believe) 

Keep goin, I heard you say
Keep goin, you say
I don’t want to get in your way

You’re angry, that I know
You’re angry deep in your bones
And I’ll tell you it will all be okay
but it won’t

Cause you have to decide if you
want to really live this time
And all the light in your eyes could go out
at any time
at any time

You’re hungry to be heard
You realize it’s all the same around the world
And I’m asking you to just think it through
why don’t you want to?

You’re dying to be born
and I tell you it’s not what you think at all
You see me like a flood
that lives in your blood

but I’ll tell you it’s all just a way to be
moving along like
tides move and like sand’s never really reborn
just blows around
you just blow around
you just go around
it’s not any kind of solution at all
you just blow around and blow around …

you’ll still be small

Rabbit hole
(from Tiny Traumas III)

Here in this room
I feel this tomb
closing in around me
like a drug
I didn’t mean to take
didn’t mean to make this plan
and sell my time to you

But there’s this notion that
more is better
and all these words you use that
tell you this is true
are wrapped around your skin

Why you’re goin down this rabbit hole
I don’t know
I don’t know right now
Why you want to see the bottom for yourself
I don’t know
if you thought it through well enough

But there’s some great mistake
we’re all selling
and I don’t want to be a part of this
right now
but time sweeps you onward
and I hope I’m strong enough
to find my way out

History Lesson (from Catalysts, and JiTR’s Greatest Hits)

The story writes itself
The song begins its end
The people didn’t pay the fine
The price was much too great to mend

This fiction isn’t fact
The story is aloof
The needles in your tiny haystack
Didn’t think you’d find the truth

The people were enraged
The sonic boom of youth
Is wasted on this generation
Wasted on a new sensation
And people are at war
And war is still alive
And it’s passing on through generations
Still we learn and then we die

And humans can never learn
Cause humans multiply.

And it’s too late to learn
To pass it on before we die
It’s too late


+secret song (from Make-Believe)

Time is waiting for your cue
When you’re ready it will know what to do
In the meantime it will be your friend
It will hold you til the very end

If you want it to
If you want it to
If you want it to

When you’re ready I will be around
Here to guide you with that same old sound
I have always wanted to be this
I wasn’t ready

My fingertips can’t hold this light for you
You will have to feel it too
In the meantime I will be a friend to you.



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