Day 364!


Writing one last time to ask for your support!   Today is Day 364 of my 365 Day Songwriting Challenge.  I’ve made friends and too many magical moments to count, and tried to share them all with you – to the best of my scrappy ability (still had to work and be a person this year, doing anything daily for a year IS as hard as it sounds).

If you enjoy my music and want to support this year of hard unpaid work, there are two ways you can do this!

I am always so grateful to grow this little team of diehard supporters – some who love me for my music, others who just love me for me and see how much this means to me.  Your support here means you get little insider messages and gifts from me, from unreleased mp3s to packages in the mail.

This fundraiser ends tomorrow and honestly it doesn’t look like it’s going to make it, or even close.  But I’m raising $2,120 for next years 12 albums/eps in 12 months challenge…because who releases 12 albums/eps in a year?  I think I’m going to be overwhelmed with the hidden costs of that and I don’t make much extra per year as a piano/songwriting teacher, so I’m trying to be proactive on the front end.  And your donation here REALLY just buys you little goodies 🙂 (tshirt, CD, 15 min piano lesson, etc)

Thank you all again for your support, for listening, for the likes and loves on posts and shares…I feel like I’m finally becoming my real musical self and it feels pretty cool, starving artist or otherwise.

Love and hugs xo

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New Challenge & Kickstarter (12 NEW ALBUMS/EPS) <3

Hello!  Just a quick note to let you know that my 365-Day Songwriting Challenge ends in 21 days…and I’ve decided to announce and launch a NEW CHALLENGE to start in a couple months.

On April 1st, I’ll start releasing an album or EP every month for a year.  To read the full story, and see how you can get involved and show support, visit my Kickstarter page!

Every bit of support comes with a “perk” – listed as “things” – but long story short(er), the more you pledge the more things you get.  Mostly albums (old or new) and tshirts, but you can also choose piano lessons or mentoring sessions – long distance too! 🙂

If you enjoy my music, I hope you’ll be interested in helping make this happen…of course I’ll happily do the challenge either way, but if this Kickstarter works out, the music could be much higher in quality (which I’m guessing would make most of you happy :).

All the best and thanks for following along with my quiet little music career ❤ Jessica

p.s. lots of shows and a possible tour on the horizon, stay up to date at Facebook and Instagram.

My first Official Music Video as JiTR!

Always a few days behind here (please follow on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube for my daily self)…but here it is!  I’ve waited so long to share this with you, and really hope you enjoy my VERY FIRST REAL OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO as Jessica in The Rainbow! So grateful to Caleb, Jonny, and Rachel for their enthusiastic vision and direction. This is a song off my 2014 album Catalysts called “History Lesson.” We had dreamed up a video series for this album years ago, featuring the lone piece of ribbon tied to a log here…but time and life and dreams and plans get away from you sometimes, and this video will always be a very special moment in time for me, where we came together and made this video happen despite so many shifting circumstances. This was filmed in Oct & Dec 2016, but we finally edited it this fall and now I present it TO YOU. If you’d like to help me make more polished things to share with you, please check out my Patreon. xo Jessica



History Lesson

Written & performed by Jessica in The Rainbow
Directed by Caleb Gordon-Kilgore
Cinematography by Jonathan Clark
Art Direction by Rachel Resterhouse
Music & Lyrics by Jessica Fogle
From the album Catalysts (2014)
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Ian Gorman
at La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo, MI.
Additional recording done in Corcoran, Minnesota at my brother’s home studio.
Harmony vocals by Maddie Jackson & Daphne Jackson.
Thank you to all the helpers in the world, who make life more bearable for anyone struggling in darkness, hoping to find more light. Specifically (for me) Bryan and Stephanie. I have been changed by you two, and I am very grateful for that.

Tour and NEW ALBUM!

Hey friends! Sooo if you haven’t followed my journey on Facebook this weekend, basically I was so inspired after Lamp Light Music Festival and it was like a culmination of inspiration, mixed with some tour dates coming together over the holidays, and it just hit like a flood that I wanted new music on my Bandcamp…

At first I tried to finish/polish some songs I’ve been sitting on for years, but that felt like too much pressure, and it’s November Solo Album Month so I decided to write all new songs for this one 🙂 (in the studio – everything is one take, but I have experience with it from 275 days of improvising songs for my challenge).

Anyway hope you’ll check it out when it releases (hopefully later TODAY! tryin to do all uploading before work) – and I may enhance it in the future, or leave it as a cute lil moment in time where I pushed myself WAY out of my comfort zone.

Also if you live in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Bellaire MI, I’ll be there very soon – I hope I get to see you one of those times/places!  xo Jessica


11/16-17/2017 – Msg for details, Chicago, IL (or visit my sort of joke event page to ask questions or for updates – basic sched: will be at my favorite old haunt Gallery Cabaret -2020 N. Oakley – late night Thurs, i.e. 10:30pm and later, and somewhere very strange on Friday daytime)

11/21/2017 – Seward in-home show, Minneapolis, MN.  With Hemma and Lauren Anderson of Idle Empress! ❤ Msg for address.

11/25/2017 – Quarters Rock & Roll Palace, Milwaukee, WI  – w/ Honeymooners, more TBA –

11/26/2017 – The Rainbow Room at Hosmer House, Bellaire, MI – w/ Caroline Barlow

12/2/2017 – Tom Waits Tribute Show – Bell’s Eccentric Cafe, Kalamazoo MI.

12/17/2017 – Holiday Sing-Along Show w/ Jessica in The Rainbow (4th Annual) – Pigeon Hill Brewing Company, Muskegon, MI  5-7pm.

(+SAVE THE DATE! Friday 1/19/2018* – The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, MI – Local Showcase #20 – GR meets The Lakeshore – w/ Jes Kramer, Van Lente, cloudlight, & Frankie & Myrrh  )

JiTR Poster_edited-1

p.s. poster art by my dear friend Ryan Wyrick ❤

So many things (shows, tour, etc)

Hey friends!

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up of all the things I’ve been sharing about.  Today is Day 263 of my songwriting challenge on YouTube.  I made a pact with myself that for the final 100 days (starting in, gulp, two days), I would share at least a clip of each song on EVERY platform I exist on.  Website, Facebook (personal and private), Instagram, Twitter.  Trying to get myself over my need to be a chameleon.  I work with kids and maybe I internalized a need to have a “works with kids” self, and an “adult” self.  Maybe it’s cuz my old songs used to have swears? I don’t know. It was rare, but it would make sense…

Played a 2.5 hour kids gig last month with the Grand Haven ArtWalk and that’s when I realized I’m mostly all-ages friendly, as a human and in general, and I needed to stop segmenting myself and hiding my experience.  Even my “darker” songs are not that dark according to some folks.  Olivia Mainville followed me at a DAAC show once, and called my songs “wholesome” (saying it was hard to follow that with her vibe, personally I think she’s fun 🙂

Anyway, in other news, I’m playing lots of shows these days… just updated the show list, but as always it’s WAY easier to follow me on FB or Instagram to stay up to date.  I forget this exists because it’s so dang non-interactive and I don’t think about whether anyone is listening or reading this.  But if I copy it and send it as a newsletter?… yes I should do that 🙂  That’s a little better.

Here’s some upcoming shows, hope to see you at one!
(all shows are JiTR, except *=with cloudlight)

11/7/2017 – Joni Mitchell Birthday tribute – One Trick Pony, Grand Rapids MI.  7-10pm

11/16/2017 – Msg for details, Chicago, IL (or visit my sort of joke event page to ask questions or for updates: )

11/19-20/2017 – Wisconsin, TBA.

11/21/2017 – Seward in-home show, Minneapolis, MN.

11/25/2017 – Wisconsin, TBA

11/26/2017 – Northern Michigan, TBA.

12/2/2017 – Tom Waits Tribute Show – Bell’s Eccentric Cafe, Kalamazoo MI.

12/2017 – 4th Annual Holiday Sing-Along Show – Muskegon, MI – Date & Venue TBA

1/19/2018* – The Pyramid Scheme, Grand Rapids, MI – Local Showcase #20 – GR meets The Lakeshore – w/ Jes Kramer, Van Lente, cloudlight, & Frankie & Myrrh

That’s all for now!  Stay tuned for lots of posts coming soon… I hope you’ll follow along.  It’s been a VERY strange journey, learning to be more public with my work.  Not my natural setting, but a reaaaalllly good challenge.  As I sometimes think I’m not a real introvert, more of a wounded extrovert.  If you want to hear more about that, I write about it a lot on Instagram, and some on FB.

All the best!

p.s. if you missed it, I now have a way for people to buy my rainbow cloud merch online! Would love to see pics of anyone wearing these 🙂 ❤


Cute rainbow cloud merch now available worldwide! <3

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say here, in case you don’t follow me in the usual places (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube)…that in celebration of reaching Day 250 of my Daily Songwriting YouTube Challenge, I decided to FINALLY upload all my merch to Bandcamp for sale worldwide 🙂 ❤

Visit and check out all my cute stuff! For a short time, with every purchase made, I’ll be giving away digital copies of the Catalysts album from 2014 too.

Love, Jessica

my new band ‘cloudlight’ on Bandcamp’s front page!

cloudlight -Front Cover - ArtHello friends!

Just a quick note to tell you I’ve been in a whirlwind of activity lately… but the most exciting thing to happen to me these days was that my young band ‘cloudlight’ was recently featured OUT OF THE BLUE on’s FRONT PAGE!

Including this review:  “Lovely and delicate songs from Michigan band cloudlight, full of angelic vocals and barely-there instrumentation.”

We’re over the moon and blown away, and just sooooo grateful for the sudden influx of listens and attention.  I’m really proud of this little album (EP really, 7 songs).  It releases in 2 days actually!  And you can hear 2 tracks, and pre-order the whole thing HERE:

Please share with anyone you know who likes chill music with dark but sparkly vibes!

I’d also like to say, to anyone sending me good vibes these days, I really am soooooo grateful for all the new and inspiring opportunities lately…from our first official house show (where I performed as both Jessica in The Rainbow, and with my new band ‘cloudlight’), to radio spots, to a benefit for Amnesty International, to performing at The DAAC in Grand Rapids – an all-ages space with a rich history, to being part of a 2-stage festival at Unruly Brewing and being accepted to play at Earthwork Harvest Gathering (Sept 15-17!) for the first time (with ‘cloudlight’), in addition to handing off the festival I co-founded, Ladyfest at the Lakeshore (coming up soon, Sept 30th in Muskegon Michigan!), to a wonderful event organizer based in GR so I can focus on music and managing all of these many projects (not listed: more house shows in the works + another fest, pending gigs, kids’ music, library gigs and tours, camps, my piano & songwriting studio and mentoring opportunities, and more).

Thank you all for being a light in my life.  I hope to continue being one for you as well 🙂 ❤