*Dreambird in Rainbowland*

– a kids’ album / project (in development 🙂 )

REVIEWS as a Performer for Children!

“Jessica is a ray of sunshine and a boatload of talent wrapped up in a petit ball of professionalism. Grand Haven ArtWalk has been fortunate to have her perform at several family oriented events. She is approachable to children, has a huge repertoire of songs, and will even make up songs on the spot. We will continue to book her whenever we’re able!” -Sean Sterzer, Grand Haven ArtWalk  

“Jessica, thank you once more for doing an AMAZING job last night! Everyone was talking about you and the kids were so responsive to you. All my teachers at school were saying they’d love me to have you as a guest for music class. 😊” -Chantal Roeske, For the Love of Literacy “Pizza + Books” event at Loutit Library

“Jessica was a calm presence. The children were captivated by her songs. I appreciated how she incorporated all of the suggestions into the improvised songs. And she listened to things children offered in a validating way.” -Lauren Greer, Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

“Jessica had a humorous, friendly, entertaining style of speaking which worked well with the crowd. She often mentioned how she “doesn’t write songs for children”, and yet she engaged with them so naturally and played songs that they liked. Her interactive story songs, in particular, were a highlight.” -Grand Rapids Children’s Museum Staff

“Jessica’s music was so soothing and calming for our guests. Every time I walked by the project room she was singing to a room of tame and calm kids listening intently on floor mats.” -Grand Rapids Children’s Museum Staff

“Jessica was vibrant and kind the moment she walked through the door. She made me feel welcomed and I was the greeter welcoming her into the museum! Not many children have access to such beautiful musical exposure, and I especially loved the prompting to create a collaborative song. She inspired so many children, families and myself included. I am so glad I got to meet Jessica in the Rainbow. I hope she comes back to the museum, and I hope to hear her perform after getting a taste of her “adult” music, which people of all ages can and did enjoy. Thank you for bringing her to us! I hope she gets to continue to touch the lives of many more, which will inevitably happen in any context or organization that get’s and gives the opportunity to welcome her and her whimsical music.”  -Grand Rapids Children’s Museum Staff

MORE ABOUT ME (as a children’s performer)
*written in the style of Dreambird, the character I play 🙂

Hello! My name is Dreambird. I’m not a bird, but I’m not NOT a bird.

I come to you in DREAMS – and sing songs and tell stories – to help you along your way.

If you’d like to hear more (SPECIFICALLY for KIDS – but I’ve heard some magical adults have LOVED this, so far!) please visit this site: https://dreambird.bandcamp.com/releases

Or this one! https://jessicaintherainbow.bandcamp.com/album/dreambird-in-rainbowland-2

It’s all the same.

For now.

ANYWAY, the reason I am HERE (as in, here on this web site – connecting things like webs do)…is because I would like to come to YOUR LIBRARY, or YOUR COMMUNITY CENTER, or YOUR ART MUSEUM for kids, and tell these stories in Real Time to you, and to kids you know!

Please contact me Anytime for more information!

My shows are fun and flexible, and contain stories from the Album…and many more (more to come, and ones WE can make TOGETHER!!! It’s one of my Favorite Things to Do)

For credentials, please visit my Resume

QUESTIONS? Want to host a show in your space? Contact today! jessicaintherainbow@gmail.com