*Creative Sky*

Hello! I’m inspired by my pal Olivia Mainville (who started the $15 Covid requests) to bring something weird and social into this socially distant world…this was actually a business idea I had last December but made simpler now so it could fit alongside my virtual piano teaching / singer-songwritering album-recording life.  Here we go…..(drumroll)…..


*Socially Distant Songs*

For $20 I will turn your writing (poem / lyrics / short story) into a song or musical story. Basically, you send me your writing + a one-word emotion (think: *preferred vibe* of the song or story with underscoring, i.e. spooky, weird, beautiful, haunting, cutesy, playful, etc) and I’ll do my best to make it into a song or musical story for you. Sound good? Let’s have fun! (or serious feelings) ❤ ❤ <3<3

p.s. kids’ poems and stories welcome too! 7 day turnarounds no matter how many requests I get 🙂

The DETAILS of how to submit:

~ Write me at jessicaintherainbow AT gmail DOT com … send your writing + one-word descriptive emotion.

~ Once approved you can send $20 to paypal.me/jessicaintherainbow – I’ll let you know when the song is ready, via email, or you can check http://www.creativeskymusic.bandcamp.com

*** ALSO! if you’re artsy, feel free to include a square piece of art or photo as the cover 🙂

~ Important fine print: no profanity please and thank u!

*** (also keep pics clean too please, no nudity + I am sensitive to gore etc…willing to do spooky songs tho, so long as I can handle it, I love dark sounding piano music and grew up on Fiona Apple / Chopin AND kids’ theatre / Disney, so I span the spectrum of emotional musical influences…but just FYI I reserve the right to decline a piece if needed for my emotional health, basically just think of that “no jerks” rule at house shows yea? thanks for understanding!)

(this is VERY new, like TODAY 5-23-2020 – so in the meantime, check out my very DIY lo-fi homemade bandcamp to get inspired and be reminded how prolific I am lol 🙂 many albums there were created in a day or weekend – http://www.jessicaintherainbow.bandcamp.com ❤ bye!


~ EVEN FINER PRINT: please note, all Socially Distant Songs will have a 50/50 rights split, no exceptions – so if you decide to hustle the song around and someone wants to put it in a TV show or indie film or something, you are WELCOME to do so, so long as you a) credit “Music by Jessica in The Rainbow,” and b) give me 50% of the rights/royalties (contracts made up for my legal name, Jessica Fogle). If you need an instrumental version for said hustle, then obviously my split goes up 🙂 (I’ll still give u a cut for hustlin and inspiring the music with your words, of course, maybe 80/20?) THAT SAID: you are MORE than welcome to share anywhere you want to, on social media, with your grandma, with friends, with your whole office of 600 people, just please credit with “Words by _______ (you), Music by Jessica in The Rainbow” – even kinder, you could link me 🙂 But not necessary. Thank you!