A New Era

Hello friends and fans and family, welcome to my website! This blog is a bit outdated, something that got me through an era. You are welcome to browse it for fun, or to read the ways I worked through the thoughts of a tumultuous time in both my personal and societal history (politics, pandemic), but I am moving onto some big-for-me changes…pretty much A NEW ERA!


I have been writing “hundreds of songs a year” for over a decade now…but until the last 5 years, I had never “shown my work.” πŸ™‚ So these years of creative challenges – from roughly 2016 (late) to 2021 (early) – are the years that I came out of my shell. 365 Songs in 365 Days (which are watchable on YouTube, though I believe it’s more like 447 songs?) and 12 Albums in 12 Months (which is about 15 of the albums on my Bandcamp – fast-paced production, lo-fi but listenable, with as much effort and heart and courage as I could muster). And then a few other creative challenges too – 52 Dreams and 444 Hearts…both of which were attempts to follow ALL the dreams I’d ever had, and take ALL the requests (52 Dreams was about task completion, the business side of a creative life – and 444 Hearts was going to be 444 Cover Songs, mostly requests…but it was cut short by impeachment-induced SANITY! πŸ™‚ And then we moved straight into a pandemic, and honestly I feel like I spent the whole last year, untangling aspects of myself that emerged like from a chrysalis…some of the darker aspects of my personality, as mixed with a tumultuous time in history. So I feel more like myself now than ever, or than in a long time, but some of the growth has felt like “overgrowth” and I’m ready to let the forest floor alone, and focus on a few big trees again πŸ™‚ IN OTHER WORDS, I think creative people will ALWAYS have overgrowth – joy, delight, spontaneity, big dreams, fun, playfulness – but it’s unrealistic to think that every dream can be planted like a seed and tended to. It’s sort of the makings of OCD and ADHD to try to live that way, actually. I’ve preferred slowing down lately, focusing on family and home life and a few big dreams, and beginning to merge my dreaminess with practicality πŸ™‚


On that note, besides my personal life, here’s some things I’m focused on these days:

-TEACHING (Creative Sky Music School – spots for new students available, virtual lessons – worldwide! write today! jessicaintherainbow@gmail.com mostly piano lessons, but open to beginner ukulele, vocal coaching, songwriting, music theory lessons, warp speed pop piano, and more πŸ™‚

-2 JiTR ALBUMS from 2014 and 2015/16 that have been shelved for so many years, out of fear, but are underway with La Luna Recording & Sound in Kalamazoo & J Kalmink – with orchestrations by Elisabeth Blair and cello by Hunter Zhao – and drums by Nathan Coles, and piano recorded at my brother’s new studio Wicked Loon in Minnesota, and artwork by Ryan Wyrick – and with many more collaborations along the way I’m sure – and will likely take at least a year of dedication and focus and care to bring both of these album into being WELL (i.e. the 2 big trees πŸ™‚

And last but not least…

-Being in the band cloudlight (Bryan, Mackenzie and I are recording our next album, and it’s a joy and a process and I can’t wait to bring these similarly shelved songs, some as far back as 2016 too, into the world – with these two incredibly natural musicians).


Thank you for reading and listening to this music and supporting my path! If you’d like to ‘rep’ my work and being…I have tshirts available HERE (Bandcamp MERCH page!) – as well as a few CDs, for my old-school fans or those with CD players in their car πŸ™‚

Or you can “Buy Me a Coffee” or become a PATRON! More info here…I do love this private supportive community, and will continue to share more of my inner-private-artist world there, as I won’t be sharing as much of it in public anymore (if at all! not to be secretive, just because of work-flow and attempting to streamline my exuberant nature, into these fewer but BIGGER projects) For $2/month or more, you can be part of my super incredible FAN CLUB.

With gratitude,
xoxo Jessica

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