Mountaintop views (or, birds-eye feelings)

Writing this update from Colorado, at 8000 ft (a.k.a. not the foothills). My sister lives in a small mountain town, and it’s lovely and peaceful here, despite a global pandemic and election year…a great place for reflecting on life while still living.

I see more clearly in high altitudes, less affected by other energies and distractions of thoughts and feelings that are not my own.

Something about the proximity to the sun, or the dry air, or the stunning majestic views all around…feels like flying AND being grounded at the same time. I almost feel more grounded here, in myself, like a zen master (in training, lol), aware of self in that profoundly meaningful way of ‘how can I be most useful, to God and people, without losing my core self, but without getting lost in it either?’ Something about being elevated AND grounded makes me think more of these things…

Also, I’m around family right now. My sister is my best friend (one of two, along with my dreamy intuitive boyfriend Bryan)…and the two of them have single-handedly reconciled my heart with my mind…in case it’s not clear, Bryan has been my heart-healer, and Stephanie my mind-mender…) My gratitude for these two strong souls is beyond words, and also they don’t really need the praise 🙂 But it’s true.

Anyway…I’m here, about to drive through the Southwest a little soon (just New Mexico), then the South, on my way back to Michigan. Looking forward to nestling in with my love in the winter. Looking forward to time to organize closets and dream of future worlds and ways I might be useful.

Thanks for all my followers, especially new ones in France and Mexico and Italy and Japan…y’all made me feel seen and useful (if you didn’t know, Make-Believe 2020 remix was featured on Bandcamp New & Notable last month, and it attracted some new fans…also there was an article about my years of challenges in Revue WM…very grateful for the exposure and help with connection…as much as I love connecting the dots of ideas and places, I’m not very ‘into’ algorithms and promotion and ‘getting myself out there’…moments like these mean the world to me, when I’m surprised by a burst of attention or help 🙂

Have a lovely fall everyone ❤