Quarantine thoughts & feelings

Hello lovely souls, all of you, yes all of you…feeling dreamy and light because I choose to…making use of time like light because I choose to…we can’t save everyone but we can be a light if we choose to, go deep inside but not too deep the light is surface too…like a force field made of rainbows you can feel it feel it feel it

You can take the time to get near it near it near it

I can be you I can be with you I can hold you in my mind like I hold myself when I’m wallowing and whining

We can focus on ourselves the way we focus on other people when we want to escape ourselves but we can focus we can hold
We can use the light we’re given to ascend to other planets like dimensions in our mind
made of light
made of time…

Hope you are enjoying this time
Hope being homebound doesn’t make you think you are bound to sadness and ‘reality’
Light is real too
It is blinding
It will help you seeeeee

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