Here’s an excerpt of a letter I wrote recently to my Patrons (patreon.com/jessicaintherainbow) – if you’d like some packages in the mail from me, once a season, or other little behind the scenes tidbits, please feel free to join my crew!  I appreciate my patrons SOOOOO much, couldn’t do this without you!!!


I hope you are finding and enjoying all the randomness I share on the internet. Too much to list…with cloudlight, new music/songs on YouTube, new lo-fi albums, Instagram posts about feelings and healing, and now…my FINAL year+ long challenge, which will take me to January 20th, 2021.

I decided in Jan 2017 that I needed something to focus on, to keep me from losing my mind, but that would still contribute to the greater good…as best as I knew how.  365 Songs in 365 Days was born, a songwriting challenge.

After it was done, I knew I needed more…and really felt the absence of albums on my Bandcamp (official page for album releases) compared to my new daily musical presence on YouTube, so I did the 12 Albums in 12 Months challenge.

Then it became clear that all these challenges created more work than I could keep up with, opportunities came up and I felt like I needed a year to focus on knocking things off my ever-growing list of to-dos and dreams…from kids’ albums, to xmas albums, to massive housecleaning to music licensing paperwork, there was never time to do it all…which often made me do none of it…hence 52 Dreams was born: the weekly to-do list challenge (one dream at a time, one per week).

And lastly, even tho 52 Dreams is still going on (it’s week 24, and I’m writing and releasing an album this week, called “Michigan Dreams” – 9 songs, should be up this weekend!), I decided I needed to start this final year-long challenge exactly 444 days from Inauguration Day 2021.

Whatever your politics, I’m sure we all agree this has been a more tumultuous time politically than anything in recent history.  It has been hard on me emotionally, hard on my friends and family, and truly I don’t think I have the wisdom or insight politically to soothe divides with words about policies…so I decided I’d dedicate this year and some change to being one of the soothers in other ways.  Plus it makes me excited, to find 444 cover songs to share, revealing some of my influences and history, but also making some close family and friends happy (with some songs we loved together)…also, top secret, but there’s a second component to the challenge that I haven’t announced yet, I’d love to tell you first!

(insert top secret info here :):):):)

…I don’t feel worthy, but I’m doing it anyway 🙂 Cuz if the world doesn’t make you famous, or celebrate you, you can just celebrate yourself.  For fun, why not? And of course celebrate other people too, don’t be a narcissist.  But I’ve been realizing, if you’re a painter, you have to use the canvas that’s inside you – your skills/training and visions – that’s not narcissistic, that’s just a fact of being – we’re trapped in one body with one perspective this whole life long.  And it’s lonely, that’s why we try to connect, and listen, to get outside our own experiential wisdom, into someone else’s.  But it’s so passing and fleeting and then we’re back to ourselves.

So if you’re an introvert who loves making things, you’re not a narcissist for enjoying yourself and the things you make.  You’re just probably a creative soul who is VERY sensitive to other people’s energies, and being with lots of beings probably just makes you feel super overstimulated, or confused on how to behave (to ‘make others happy’ or fit their systems of behavior, while avoiding conflict…it’s like a weird variety of being creative, trying to create experiences that make other people happy)…both are true for me.  So being alone most the time, save a verrrrry small crew, and imagining+creating+sharing in this virtual world, i.e. basic writer’s life, really is best for me.

Love to the world, love to my Patrons – OH and if you want to help me gain support, ever, please follow along on YouTube or Facebook (Jessica in The Rainbow page) and if I cover something you like, please share!  There’s links including in the posts for people to become a Patron or just “buy me a coffee” 🙂 (it’s for one time donations, like an online tipjar :):):)

So if you share something, there’s a chance someone new might come and join this crew.

Anyway, thanks again!  And thanks for reading!  I attached the mp3 of this one*, Angel by Sarah McLachlin

All the best <3<3<3

(*i gave my patrons an mp3 to keep…but here’s the YouTube link https://youtu.be/9LEf8R2HUkE :):):)
Okay that’s a garden variety Patreon post…I always meant to share more half-finished art there, BUT that’s what others do, others who maybe take their work more seriously and slowly…which I may do again someday, at which time it’ll be SUPER fun to have a place to leak things!  In the meantime, my Patrons pay for me to have a wild and wonderful online presence…full of wonder and light and weirdness and fun and sorrow and confusion…I so appreciate them, and you are welcome to join anytime (and leave anytime, but let’s not talk about that – the world needs more patrons of the arts! for me or anyone, I hope you’ll please consider it :):):) xoxo bye!

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