Hey moment <3

Hey moment, this is this moment (12:09pm on Tuesday Sept 25th) but the title is inspired by a moment decided yesterday while making up a 9 song album in a day…

And really it was inspired by a moment earlier this month, shared on YouTube and Instagram, where I explained WHY I need to blog and vlog and connect so deeply with so many people so much of the time… sharing all this process, because I need to mark this time, and this time, and this time, and (as I said then) say “Hey moment!” to each moment as it passes, at least while I’m doing this much.

So I’m sitting on my knees on the hardwood floor in my office, where I made a 9 song album with space sounds and piano and electric keys and I feel good about it overall…I like at least half of it, the other half has glitches and problems (MIDI cut out on two songs and I could barely salvage anything from those halves of songs, but I’m leaving it in cuz it’s funny to write/release an album in a day, just because you said you would…so there it is, it is done…although people on Facebook gave me permission to edit and listen for a few days, so maybe i’ll do that…they said yes it still counts if I do that 🙂

I dunno.

I’m tired and drained AND recharged.

Harvest Gathering was WONDERFUL.


As expected.

I’m overwhelmed tho by how much being THAT social takes out of me, mostly in the leading up to it.

I’m okay once I’m there and my being adjusts to being…so full of people and moments.

At first I can barely handle it.  Once my show portion was done, and I was just there to support others, then it was great…well, after a half a day of adjusting still.

One time a close person in my life told me about children who have a hard time adjusting to things…or it was a hard time with ‘transitions’…that made sense and I’ve understood myself ever since.  like it’s 12:15 right now, I teach at 3pm. If I don’t make choices the time will drain by and I’ll regret not getting outside today (it’s lovely and perfect bike weather lately)

Also I have to make an album cover, plan 2 more shows this week (cloudlight, and a kids’ one in GH – I think they’re on my shows page)

And I have some friend time planned ahead…and a show at our house in 12 days to promote…oh yea and a duo set to plan with Gabrielle (we’re Snow Angel, for October 6th anyway 🙂

It’s fun.

Do things, make art, be you, have friends, be alone, let go of rules in your mind…at least for your free time anyway.  These are things I’m listing for myself, need the reminder always.  Okay maybe this was a bad time to blog, I’m rushing and busy and really wanna get on my bike and get a soft pretzel and get my heart rate up.  Visiting my sis up high in the mountains next month, and I want to at least be used to heavier breathing, even if I’m not super in shape by then.

Love and hugs and be good to yourself.


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