Day 364!


Writing one last time to ask for your support!   Today is Day 364 of my 365 Day Songwriting Challenge.  I’ve made friends and too many magical moments to count, and tried to share them all with you – to the best of my scrappy ability (still had to work and be a person this year, doing anything daily for a year IS as hard as it sounds).

If you enjoy my music and want to support this year of hard unpaid work, there are two ways you can do this!

I am always so grateful to grow this little team of diehard supporters – some who love me for my music, others who just love me for me and see how much this means to me.  Your support here means you get little insider messages and gifts from me, from unreleased mp3s to packages in the mail.

This fundraiser ends tomorrow and honestly it doesn’t look like it’s going to make it, or even close.  But I’m raising $2,120 for next years 12 albums/eps in 12 months challenge…because who releases 12 albums/eps in a year?  I think I’m going to be overwhelmed with the hidden costs of that and I don’t make much extra per year as a piano/songwriting teacher, so I’m trying to be proactive on the front end.  And your donation here REALLY just buys you little goodies 🙂 (tshirt, CD, 15 min piano lesson, etc)

Thank you all again for your support, for listening, for the likes and loves on posts and shares…I feel like I’m finally becoming my real musical self and it feels pretty cool, starving artist or otherwise.

Love and hugs xo

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