New Challenge & Kickstarter (12 NEW ALBUMS/EPS) <3

Hello!  Just a quick note to let you know that my 365-Day Songwriting Challenge ends in 21 days…and I’ve decided to announce and launch a NEW CHALLENGE to start in a couple months.

On April 1st, I’ll start releasing an album or EP every month for a year.  To read the full story, and see how you can get involved and show support, visit my Kickstarter page!

Every bit of support comes with a “perk” – listed as “things” – but long story short(er), the more you pledge the more things you get.  Mostly albums (old or new) and tshirts, but you can also choose piano lessons or mentoring sessions – long distance too! 🙂

If you enjoy my music, I hope you’ll be interested in helping make this happen…of course I’ll happily do the challenge either way, but if this Kickstarter works out, the music could be much higher in quality (which I’m guessing would make most of you happy :).

All the best and thanks for following along with my quiet little music career ❤ Jessica

p.s. lots of shows and a possible tour on the horizon, stay up to date at Facebook and Instagram.

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