Become a Patron! (+ my experience writing 365 songs in 365 days, as of day 30…)


I hope you’ve had a chance to check out one of my very-raw YouTube videos since I started this 365 songs in 365 days challenge(follow link for up-to-date videos and songs).   The writing of them isn’t the hardest part, it’s honestly been keeping up with sharing.  Sometimes it feels like I’m scooping out my guts and putting them into the void, and other times it’s super fun.  Overall I hope it’s entertaining at least, or provides you with the occasional lullaby or stress reliever.  The easiest way to follow is to subscribe on YouTube and the second easiest way may be to follow me on Instagram (@jessicaintherainbow), Facebook ( or Twitter (@jessinrainbow).  Hope to see you!

The next thing I want to tell you about is a huge step forward for me. The last time I asked for help was in 2014, to finish funding my album. I was about to let the fundraiser run out of time and steam, when someone close to me said “NO! give it one last push and let people know you need help!” And I did, and it worked, and many of you funded that album.

Well now with only 30 days into this YouTube challenge, I’m reminded of what I’ve known for a decade – that I need help, that I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to being a songwriter as a business, that I don’t know how to market or promote myself, other than on the old FB and social media with people I know. And even that is in fits and starts (until lately lol).

So if you like me, and you make a lot of money, and have been wanting more ways to support the arts – please know there are thousands of people just like me on this great website called “Patreon.” Even super famous people are on there, as a way to be fan-powered instead of label-powered.  Here’s a video of what they do.  And here’s my personal Patreon page!

I don’t know if this will amount to anything, and I have no intention of stopping piano teaching, as I love my students. And I will continue to write songs either way. But I would love it if you’d listen to my little “pitch” about how you can help me bring this music out into the world a little faster (and it’s win-win, the more people I know become patrons, the more Patreon promotes me within their site…which could help me find people who need my music in their lives… I believe there must be a niche of sensitive or broken-hearted people out there who need these floaty-cloud piano-vocal songs, otherwise I can’t understand why so many of them keep flooding through me without a traditional writing process…just pressing record and out they come).

Thank you again to anyone who has given me likes or hearts or cheerleading on Facebook or Instagram or via replies to these blog posts – it has been like a little rebirth for me, speaking out in my passionate but long-winded way.  Learning to take risks being myself (outspoken, expressive, friendly even if that’s not super cool), when I used to be too wounded and scared of the world to do so.

xoxo Jessica