#365daysproject #creativitychallenge !

Hello there!  Just writing here in case you are someone who reads my little blog, but you are not on other forms of social media (where I more regularly announce things – i.e. http://facebook.com/jessicaintherainbow or instagram: jessicaintherainbow / twitter: jessinrainbow )

Starting TOMORROW I will be writing a new song everyday, AND sharing it on social media.  I’ve been saying for years that I write “hundreds of songs a year” – but still only releasing one album every 3-4 years.

In light of all the changes in our world lately, I’m feeling very ineffective and small – and I’d like to spread more light, more creativity, more inspiration, more smiles, more deep thoughts, more authenticity… basically whatever weirdness or mellow soothing-ness or just plain whatever comes out of me for the next 365 days, I want to share it.

I want to live in a world where goodhearted people get over their insecurities and fear of doing everything perfectly, and just come together and create communities and talk about feelings and be real people.  Most musicians I know are blocked in one area or another… while I haven’t been blocked as a writer for years (thanks to The Artists’ Way, FAWM.org, and 50/90 in addition to my avid journal-writing obsession), I AM blocked on many of the “shoulds” of the music industry.

So this is me sidestepping any concern with such things, and just sharing myself for a year.  Hope you find it enjoyable, enlightening, encouraging, or some other en- word.  🙂

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel, which will likely be the #1 place I share: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWUrJO6vPyVVCk_VDABUmaw

And here’s a link to my Soundcloud, which will likely be #2: https://soundcloud.com/jessicaintherainbow

Plus I’ll post clips of songs on Facebook and Instagram, and I think my Twitter feed posts updates whenever I release a video – so if you’re following me, you probably can’t miss it.

Hope you’re doing well!  Stay creative 🙂