Tidbits from a busy weekend! (Music video shoot, Tom Waits Tribute night, The Guest List WYCE…)

Hey friends! ¬†Just wanted to write and express gratitude for some really beautiful things I’ve been a part of lately… also, let you know about some fun things in the works!

1) History Lesson music video – we met for our first production meeting on my lucky day, 2/12 (Abraham Lincoln’s bday, my favorite president…well til Obama ūüôā and discussed a whole series of videos for my “dead” album Catalysts. ¬†It’s a totally impractical project as no media outlets that I know of release videos for albums that are¬†many years old, but we decided we didn’t care and wanted to do it anyway. ¬†There will be 3-4 videos in the series, and we decided to start with the easiest, since it’s just me in the shoot (and my bff, nature). ¬†Day 1 of filming took place in October, after us all being too busy through summer, and it was supposed to be a 2-day weekend of filming and then wrap…BUT day 2 was rainy (and it was filmed outdoors). ¬†So we rescheduled 3x and after multiple rain-related cancellations, finally did Day 2 on Saturday. ¬†It was super cold but we did it ūüôā ¬†Next up are edits and rough cuts, but it should be released sometime in 2017! ¬†So excited and grateful to work with these super talented people (Rachel Resterhouse, Caleb Kilgore, and Jonathan Clark – thanks for everything, it’s been such a blast so far!)

2) Tom Waits tribute night at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe¬†– so the lovely Megan Dooley, a powerhouse and force of nature in the Michigan music scene, organized an absolutely beautiful, fun, wacky, free-spirited, eclectic event in Kalamazoo for the second year in a row, and I was lucky enough to be part of it this year. ¬†28 musicians filled the Bell’s stage, covering Tom Waits songs all night. ¬†I can’t say enough about the energy in the room, the dancing, the costumes, the camaraderie, it was such a wonderful event. Can’t wait for next year! ¬†Thanks again for having me Megan!¬† If you didn’t make it out and wish you had, mark your calendars for next year – it’ll be around the same time (near Tom’s birthday on Dec 7th). ¬†And if you’d like to see some pics/video from the night, quite a few people have been posting them in the event page:¬†https://www.facebook.com/events/1326503220696060/

3) The Guest List / WYCE 88.1 (Grand Rapids) – ¬† I’ve been so grateful for the many amazing people I’ve met in Grand Rapids the past few years… from everyone at Girls Rock GR to Lamp Light Music Festival to WYCE, the music community is just full of spunk and energy and a cohesive passion for music that blows my mind. ¬†Mostly I stay in the outskirts and wander among trees and by the lake with my journal and ukulele, but only 40 minutes away is this lovely artsy world, which has been like a little home to me, culturally speaking. ¬†So last night was my 3rd time on WYCE this year – and after living so many years in Chicago, feeling isolated much of the time and not knowing how to make connections with media or venues (other than my favorite divey bars/venues with pianos like Gallery Cabaret and The Orphanage, which were like a home away from home for me! so much love to all those wonderful people!!), this has been like a whole new world¬†for me (no Aladdin pun intended :). I’m so grateful to all the people here who reach out and offer opportunities to connect¬†and make it possible to share music (and feelings/thoughts) outside of my circle of friends. ¬†Last night was extra special for me, since I got to choose 12 songs to share and discuss… influences, music I love, and also a few of my originals (including a cloudlight song :). ¬†If you want to listen to Ben and I chat about music and life, and hear some songs I love and why I love them, listen here ūüôā¬†https://www.mixcloud.com/WYCEradio/the-guest-list-december-4th-2016/ ¬†Thank you again Ben for having me on your show! ¬†It was so much fun.

4) Brick Nest house show! Tea and pillows and hugs + mini-EP release : ¬†soooo I always joke about how many songs I write a year (it’s up to 300?) ¬†But I preface it by saying, they’re not all good (at all) or they’re just for me (like journalling while singing? ¬†like living in a singer/songwriter classically-infused musical or opera where everything is constantly recitative?) ¬†ANYWAY, I may write fast but I don’t release fast sadly (it’s actually a huge goal of mine since November, to start releasing albums much faster…but that’s another blog post, and somewhat philosophical/political/spiritual). ¬†So my friend Ryan and I decided to host this little event, which is me giving myself a deadline and pushing me to release something. ¬†The album I started recording in June 2015 has been “in the works” with orchestrator/arranger Elisabeth Blair since then, but there’ve been hiccups and mishaps and technical difficulties (w/ DIY approach while I had no home studio, just my brother’s in Minnesota) and we’re both super busy… so I decided to leak piano/vocal versions of the 2 long songs from the album creating a 24 minute EP (2 12-minute songs, in honor of my lucky number 212 lol ūüôā ¬†Handmade copies will be available at the show (free/donation) and it’ll also be on my more secret Jessica Fogle bandcamp. ¬†Oh wait I guess it’s not secret now ūüôā ¬†I hope to have it up here by the 15th, fingers crossed¬†(+ here’s the event page )

***UPDATE: It was released on Bandcamp on December 20th:
with beautiful handmade cover art by Cat Jackson! Prints of her artwork, also featured on this site, are available HERE. ***

5) cloudlight update – Bryan and I have both been decompressing and/or working on other projects since Lamp Light, but we’ll get back to work finishing the EP in the new year, and there’ll likely be a March¬†release and house show too. ¬†Stay tuned here:¬†https://www.facebook.com/cloudlightmusic or email cloudlight22 AT gmail.com to join our eventual mailing list.

That’s all for now! ¬†Thanks for reading all this and being curious about my eclectic musical life ūüôā Sooo grateful for¬†all of you.