Notes from a mini-tour (of mostly open mics :)

Feeling immense gratitude for my newest approach to meeting new people and playing music.  On April 1st, I set off on a week-long musical adventure of a couple shows but mostly open mics (which informally started on March 30th at Tip Top Deluxe in Grand Rapids – love that place!)  Over 7 days, I traveled to Pittsburgh, Brooklyn/NYC, and back to Michigan through country roads in Pennsylvania and northern “coastal” Ohio (quite lovely!!)

I can’t even begin to articulate some of the ways these experiences are rippling in my current perspective – from witnessing urban areas I barely knew (Pittsburgh, parts of Brooklyn) and some I knew well (Chinatown and the East Village, NYC), to witnessing nature in so many small towns and villages (after $60 in tolls en route to NYC, I decided to take all back roads home … including Punxsutawney, PA 🙂

And I met sooo many great people!  A whole crowd of musicians in Brooklyn whom I loved (regular performers at Pete’s Candy Store – great open mic!), a crew of wonderful talented people at The Acorn in Three Oaks MI including James Neary and Brittany Lee Moffitt, and even crossed paths with a fellow Michigan touring band while checking out Rockwood Music Hall (The Old Adage – check them out!)

I tried to share as much as I could in pictures and moments, without losing my dreamy introverted streak that helps me write – if you’d like to follow that side of me, please visit – I stay way more up-to-date there than here.

The whole trip concluded with a peaceful, soothing concert at Loutit Library in my hometown of Grand Haven, MI (with Hunter Zhao on cello!) – for which my lovely bf Bryan took an hour of video on his GoPro – I’ll try to post some of those videos soon (only thing is, I narrated the show – describing my songwriting and background a lot – since they were library patrons and not my regular fans – not sure how that will come off in the video, maybe you’ll find it cute? 🙂

Thanks as always everyone for your support and love and encouragement.  I love living in a world where people can make whatever music they feel called in their hearts to make, and through all this social media, find the audiences who want to listen, however small.  Everyone matters to someone.  I hope you all connect with someone today who matters to you.

Xoxo Jessica