Winter hibernation…

Hello everyone 🙂 So I’m feeling cozy and introspective so far this January, but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming of new ideas – places to perform, both locally and afar, and of course writing more songs.  I wrote my first guitar song in years the other day – the guitar part isn’t good, but it has a vibe I can’t create on piano, so maybe I’ll actually keep it on guitar!  (and, um, practice!)

Other than that, all my new songs have been darker than the last album, moody to the point of all fitting together like a song-cycle almost (themes repeating), so I’ve decided I will stop with the whole “one album at a time” plan and try something new!

“Everything’s True” is underway still, 8 songs from 2014 being orchestrated by Elisabeth Blair (my dear friend and incredible songwriter in her own right – whom I’ve known since Chicago when we did shows with Krystee Wylder and Diana Lawrence – also great musicians!!!)

But at least one more, if not 2 more projects have evolved in my brain.  “Trees for Clouds” – a piano/vocal EP to be recorded on a real piano (first time since my 1st album released in Chicago, Melancholy Frog), featuring songs written in November 2015 or around then (mostly from the cabin).  And another wacky possible train-wreck of an idea… but that’ll come later (it involves a possible 3 disc set, of all songs written on 3 days in December 2015 – but it’s about 2 1/2 hours of music and I’m not sure if all the songs are shareable yet :)(so that one’s more of a research project for me… )

I hope you’re all enjoying some cocoon-like moments this winter – whether its snowy like mine, or just cooler where you are.  I don’t have any Australian fans that I know of, but if I do, happy Summer!  Hope you’re loving it and living it up 🙂