Lamp Light Music Festival, show w/ Jes Kramer, and more :)

Hey friends and fans and family…

I’ve been sharing news mostly on Facebook these days (for better or worse – it’s easiest for me).  But here’s some recent updates!

I am speechless and overjoyed at this news!  I’ll be at Lamp Light Music Festival this year on Sunday November 8th 🙂

Follow them here:

I’ve been going to this fest since 2013, and it’s incredible in so many ways, and such a dream come true to be a part of it this year.  If you live in the area and can afford it, buy a whole weekend pass – currently $30 at Vertigo in GR.  It’s well worth it for the music, food, community, and more.  Otherwise there might be day passes, if you just want to see me and other Sunday performers 🙂

ALSO!  Another dream come true, I’ve wanted to play a show w/ the uber talented Jes Kramer ever since I first heard her music (summer of last year I think?)… and it’s finally happening.

Grand Haven, MI at the Pavillion Wharf Bar – October 24th, 9:30pm.  Also with the super talented and enchanting Katie Mansfield!

You won’t want to miss this!

I have more things I want to tell you, but I’ll save it for a future post.

OH and ArtPrize was lovely, and thanks to those who made it out to see me and/or bought one of the new tshirts!!  I feel so loved 🙂

And the house show w/ Thymme Jones of Cheer-Accident in Chicago was wonderful too!  Thank you all, truly.  So glad to be part of the world of independent music… it’s like living inside a paint brush, not knowing where your stroke is going next, but so enjoying the process (as opposed to a paint by number).

Have a great day everyone-