Orchestrations! and Music Retreats!

My dear friend Elisabeth Blair just hosted the incredible musician Bryan Ralph and I at her mother’s enchanting home in Traverse City, MI (words cannot describe the beauty, the generosity, the wonder we both felt…thank you again Dee Blair, for being an incredibly kind and welcoming host!!)

We did many things on this lovely trip, including swapping musical services – Elisabeth recorded a couple of our duos for us (i.e. for promotion), and I provided some music theory tutoring.  (and Bryan did many other lovely things – including make everyone an incredible breakfast 🙂

Long story shorter… many delightful conversations later via walks through town and by the beach, it became clear that I’d accidentally decided to not bother her about our original plan of having her do orchestrations for my most recent album.

I have a habit of trying not to bother people, and in some cases perhaps that is a considerate thing to do… but in this case I was very wrong, and despite her impending 2-year grad program for Music Composition which will be very demanding (starting this month), she still wants to prioritize creating arrangements/orchestrations for my next album.  For which the piano/vocal tracks have already been laid, roughly, at my brother’s studio in MN.  Sooo…HOORAY!

Sooo, scratch that last blog post about piano only.  Thought I may still leak a few piano/vocal tracks sometime…

Hugs to all 🙂

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