Upcoming Shows and other NEWS!

Hey everyone!

First of all, here’s some shows on the horizon…

August 21st – Newaygo Brewing Co, 7pm, Newaygo, MI
September 19th – Pavillion Wharf Bar, 10pm, Grand Haven, MI (supporting Bryan Ralph’s new band)
October 3rd – House Show (write for address), 8pm, Chicago, IL

As for news, I’ve been performing a ton, and working on some everyday life things…(teaching more piano students, among other things), but the groundwork for my next album is almost complete (i.e. basic piano/vocal tracks).

So next up, once there’s time, is editing and possibly rerecording some vocals, in a studio around here…and then maybe adding in some other instrumentalists (*this MAY be my first piano/vocal only album since Melancholy Frog! We’ll see if I can stick to that… I love adding things :).  Then mixing/mastering…and since I have other full-time jobs, it may not be available til 2017.

Nonetheless, I may leak a few tracks early…or come to a show where I perform a few of the new songs regularly 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well!

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