Upcoming Shows and other NEWS!

Hey everyone!

First of all, here’s some shows on the horizon…

August 21st – Newaygo Brewing Co, 7pm, Newaygo, MI
September 19th – Pavillion Wharf Bar, 10pm, Grand Haven, MI (supporting Bryan Ralph’s new band)
October 3rd – House Show (write for address), 8pm, Chicago, IL

As for news, I’ve been performing a ton, and working on some everyday life things…(teaching more piano students, among other things), but the groundwork for my next album is almost complete (i.e. basic piano/vocal tracks).

So next up, once there’s time, is editing and possibly rerecording some vocals, in a studio around here…and then maybe adding in some other instrumentalists (*this MAY be my first piano/vocal only album since Melancholy Frog! We’ll see if I can stick to that… I love adding things :).  Then mixing/mastering…and since I have other full-time jobs, it may not be available til 2017.

Nonetheless, I may leak a few tracks early…or come to a show where I perform a few of the new songs regularly 🙂

Hope you’re all doing well!

Piano & Songwriting Lessons in Grand Haven

Hey everyone!  If you saw my sign while I was performing at Coast Guard festival in Grand Haven MI, welcome!  I’m Jessica Fogle aka Jessica in The Rainbow.  This website will link you to all things related to my songwriting, just follow the tabs/categories.

IF, however, you’re interested in piano lessons, songwriting lessons, or my super fun Musical Theatre Writing Camps (aka C.A.M.M.P = Create a mini musical play) … go HERE!


Have a great day!